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Naples-Acupuncture-interiorA Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Sheila Nair-Doyle is a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncture
Physician in Naples, Florida.
She is a Primary Care Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

After receiving a Bachelors’ Degree in Psychology at the University of Colorado, she completed a three-year degree in Acupuncture at a school of Classical Acupuncture in Florida. She is Nationally Board Certified and is a Diplomate in Acupuncture with the U.S. Regulatory Board called the N.C.C.A.O.M. She has routinely completed the required continuing education courses and exams since her licensure in 1996 and estimates that she has given upward of approximately 20,000 treatments during her career of the last 21 years.

Although she hails from a family of medical doctors, namely her grandfather, grand uncle, two uncles and one aunt, she credits her father, Dr. Dan Nair, an Acupuncturist, for influencing her career choice after she witnessed the remarkable success that his patients experienced as a result of his acupuncture treatments. Dr. Dan Nair was a pioneer of acupuncture in southwest Florida.  He received his training at the Acupuncture Center and Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing, China.

Sheila Nair-Doyle is licensed and has a private practice in Florida. Her work portfolio includes treating patients at East Morgan County Hospital in Brush, Colorado as well as Yuma District Hospital in Yuma, Colorado.


acupuncture-Naples-FlA Caring Naples Acupuncturist

About Acupuncture:
Ancient Chinese healers believed in the flow of Qi, pronounced chee, which is the vital life energy that flows through our bodies. This Energy travels through the body via energy channels called meridians. The energy getting stuck or not flowing properly is what leads to disharmony within the body, and ill health. The insertion of these very fine hair-like needles done by a properly trained and experienced Acupuncturist results in the improvement of the Qi flow and hence results in alleviating the health issue.
While some people feel improvement in their condition after the very first treatment, others may feel better after two to four treatments. Some people feel “ups and downs” as they have a series of treatments. This is normal. It’s like peeling layers off an artichoke to get to the heart of it. It would be a mistake to get discouraged and assume that Acupuncture isn’t for you if you don’t get immediate relief. For good results, give it a chance by sticking to the treatment prescription, and discuss any concerns with your Acupuncturist.

Sheila Nair-Doyle is considered by her patients to be an empathetic and caring practitioner with superb communication skills. She believes the key to helping a patient heal is to begin by listening attentively to their needs. Her very gentle acupuncture techniques ensure that patients remain relaxed throughout the treatment. Disposable needles are used exclusively. She is presently offering complimentary initial consultations.


Ailments and Conditions Treated with Naples Acupuncture:

All types of pain | Anti-aging facial rejuvenation | Anxiety | Arthritis | Asthma
Bells’ Palsy | Cough/Cold | Depression | Digestion | Headache | Infertility | Insomnia
Menopause | Neuropathy | P.M.S. | Sciatica | Shingles | Smoking | Stress | T.M.J. | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Carpal Tunnel | Constipation | I.B.S. | Incontinence
*results may vary

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Board Certified Naples Acupuncturist