“My Dear Sheila, Since 1964, I have suffered from bouts of depression….

I came to your office without an appointment and even though you were closing up the office and had plans for the weekend, you took the time to start me with acupuncture. Seven visits later, I quit the anxiety medication….one week after that, I quit smoking…then my psychiatrist, who fortunately believed in acupuncture, took me off my anti-depressant gradually….three months later..I now enjoy life..no anxieties…”
Lillian Peters
results may vary

“Sheila, I have had such great success with your acupuncture treatments…

let you know how grateful I am that we met…had so much pain in my right hip, orthopedic doctor said that I had a 50% chance of being paralyzed from the waist down. The pain was excruciating. I found out about you…had 8 treatments that were very successful…now, I am walking 1 mile a day, I swim 10 lengths, exercise every morning for a half hour…and my pain is gone! I cannot thank you enough…you are so gentle, I never feel a thing…it was so worth it. You have an amazing talent. Keep up the good work. Yours very truly,
Mildred Frey”
*results may vary

“my life was one miserable mess, arthritis, migraines, nerves, depression.

Since your acupuncture treatments, I have been free of pain and miseries and life is worth living.
Hilda Null, age 76″
results may vary

“dear Sheila, …I’ve been babysitting since friday for our grandkids, which was a pleasure….

thanks to you! You have made a difference in my life ( headaches, arthritis, etc)
I’m doing great! Thanks!
Sincerely, Barbara Ann Mills-Hart
*results may vary

“I feel I owe a testimonial to a lady who has helped me overcome a problem with my stomach which I have had for 6 years…

an acid condition causing me to lose my appetite and to lose weight. Food was repulsive, mornings were terrible…couldn’t tolerate prescribed medicines or over the counter meds…went to Sheila Doyle. She said she could help. After 10 treatments, I was better. I can eat anything now…am back to normal and blessed. I am living again.
James Christman
*results may vary


“excruciating pain forced me to use crutches, cane, and wheelchair.

For the first time in 5 years, the pain in both my knees and feet are almost non-existent with her encouragement, interest, and dedication. Thank you, Sheila.
Patrick W. Lawless”
*results may vary

“Hi Sheila, We’re missing you. Last Friday, we went for acupuncture…

she’s quite nice..no one can replace you. Sure you don’t want to move to Wisconsin?
Fondly, Earl and Theanne”
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“Dear Sheila, …You performed several acupuncture treatments over a 3 week period.

Upon completion of the treatment, the Restless Leg Syndrome ceased, and I began to enjoy a full nights’ sleep for the first time in a long time. Thank you for your skillful treatment and professionalism.
Continued success, R.H.Gascoyne.”
*results may vary

“I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia…

prescription medications had devastating side effects…dry mouth, dizziness, no energy….I started acupuncture with Sheila Nair-Doyle. After 6 treatments, I started to notice the pain had decreased. I am feeling better than I have for a year.
Eugene Hemmelgarn.”
*results may vary

“Sheila is an amazing person…

sweet, light hearted, and easy to talk to. She is professional, very gentle with her touch, and I always walk away feeling a 100 times better.
Lisa N.”
*results may vary

“my wife had seen Sheila Nair-Doyle, L.Ac for a variety of ailments and received great relief from Sheila’s treatments…

I shared with Sheila how my work stressed me out sometimes. She recommended acupuncture. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing and calming the treatments were…thanks, Sheila.
Kemal G.”
*results may vary

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