Things to Know Before Your First Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is quickly becoming a common complementary or alternative therapy to Western medicine. However, most first-time patients may not know what to expect during the first visit. Many acupuncture styles and techniques results in different opinions between acupuncturists. But, let’s look at the general tips all acupuncturists agree on:

Acupuncture treats more than the pain

Patients cancel their appointments when they are sick with a cold. What most people don’t realize is that acupuncture not only helps in treating stomach viruses and common colds, but it’s also helpful in dealing with problems such as skin diseases, infections, and cancer.

Eat something

Your acupuncturist may forget to mention that you shouldn’t go for the treatment without having a bite before the appointment. You may choose to eat a full meal or a snack. This helps in boosting the body’s energy level, hence maximizing the potential of the treatment. Getting acupuncture without having a meal may lead to dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting.

It’s not a must to remove all your clothes

Your acupuncturist might need to access any area under the clothes. But, he or she will drape you to make sure that your skin isn’t fully exposed. It’s also wise to wear loose clothing so that it can be easy to pull the pant legs above your knees and roll up the sleeves above the elbows.

Be ready to answer questions you may find embarrassing

Other than the physical examination, your acupuncturist may ask you questions on different topics about your lifestyle and health. These questions may include detailed descriptions of urination, bowel movements, or menstruation (for women). The more open you are to your acupuncturist, the better the diagnosis you will get. So do not be shy or feel embarrassed but rather provide honest answers to the questions so you will benefit more in the end.

Needles used in Acupuncture are thinner compared to hypodermic needles

Most people get turned off by needles. But, the needles used in acupuncture are approximately the width size of two hair strands. They are also quite flexible. Often people imagine how it will feel while the needles are being inserted and after they are in place. Surprisingly it’s common to find a patient snoring during the therapy.

 One treatment isn’t enough to cure your sickness

Your acupuncturist will recommend subsequent treatments after the first one. If the costs are a problem, try to find out if your insurance plan reimburses acupuncture. Many acupuncturists will provide a bill you can submit to your insurance carrier to get the reimbursement. Your Naples Acupuncturist may even be able to offer a package of treatments to reduce your overall expense.

It is important to know what you expect to face during the first appointment. This helps you ask any necessary questions for clarification and to ease your mind. Also, communication between you and the acupuncturist is vital. Be sure to speak up if there is anything physically or mildly uncomfortable during your treatment. The acupuncture therapy should be relaxing and enjoyable. So, if the treatment isn’t that, the acupuncturist deserves to know so that they can remedy the situation immediately.


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