Acupuncture Side Effects to Look Out For

The most common acupuncture side effects are things everyone needs: increased energy levels, sleeping better, less stress, better digestion and mental clarity. But sometimes you might get other less pleasant acupuncture side effects. These side effects are rare, and none are life-threatening. It’s important that you know them so that you won’t be concerned when they occur. Here are the infrequent acupuncture side effects, many of which are a healing response, a necessary part of the healing process.

Emotional outbursts

Some people often cry during an acupuncture session. This isn’t because they are experiencing pain, but because they get emotional. The emotional release usually happens once a person gets a positive experience. Feeling tear-prone or extra sensitive during the session or even days after is very normal. Even if you sought acupuncture for a physical ailment, an increase in emotional expression indicates that healing is happening. From an acupuncture point of view, the emotional and physical health is interconnected. This means any emotional shifts experienced are an indication that the physical changes are happening as well.


Some people often feel wiped out after their session with an Acupuncturist. At Naples Acupuncture, the most common result experienced is increased energy, but the “tired” effect may hang on a bit longer. This normally means that your body is depleted. Feeling fatigued after a session shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Nevertheless, it is a sign that your body needs to rest. If you have such experiences, consider taking it easy for the rest of the day. Make sure that you go to sleep early. By morning, the combination of rest and acupuncture will leave you feeling whole again.


This is extremely rare, although it can happen. Rarely, lightheadedness can even result in fainting. Attending a session on an empty stomach or getting up from the acupuncture table quickly can cause the lightheadedness. Eating is one of the most vital things you must do before your appointment.

If your session is over, be sure to take your time while getting up. Move gently as you get your belongings.  You can even sit in the waiting room for a few minutes before going home.


Bruising sometimes occurs at the needling site, despite the fact that the needles are like hair-thin fibers. This sometimes transpires as a result of a localized blood collection that is initiated immediately after the needle punctures your skin (a hematoma). These bruises tend to last longer, but they should not worry, you beyond the aesthetic inconvenience. Studies haven’t uncovered why some people often bruise from acupuncture. Such people will bruise no matter the needle size, brand or technique used. Others never experience bruising anywhere.

Twitching of the muscles

Anyone can experience involuntary muscle twitching after or during acupuncture. This often occurs in muscles that receive needles, but it can also happen on random parts of your body. The muscle twitching that one may experience is very different from the full-on muscle spasm. This is very rare and really never happens.

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