5 Signs you Need to Try Acupuncture

The benefits associated with acupuncture are so many and diverse that you will lose nothing by trying it out,  Acupuncture treats your entire body emotionally, physically and even mentally. This is done through strengthening the body and mind connection.

Here are signs that you need acupuncture:

  1. You have chronic back or neck pain

Some people often seek out an acupuncturist in Naples FL because they are experiencing back and neck problems. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect, so give it a chance and have a few treatments. You can’t expect to have one session and then feel better immediately, although many people do. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t feel pretty incredible after each session.

  1. You have irregular periods

No one can dispute the fact that acupuncture can positively influence your menstrual cycle. At the very least, acupuncture relieves stress and will provide the energy so that you will feel great. It facilitates the smooth flow of blood.  A positive boost such as this will definitely contribute to a cycle that is healthier. Acupuncture is fantastic for infertility.  Most patients get pregnant within a few weeks of acupuncture treatments.

  1. You have mysterious mood swings

Studies have shown that you can treat depression more effectively by getting acupuncture every week for at least three months. If your moods are always all over the place, be sure to find a Naples acupuncturist. The acupuncture needles will trigger the neurotransmitters that make you happy in the brain without triggering the nasty side effects associated with prescription medication.

  1. You lack sleep

Acupuncture addresses the body imbalances that are known for throwing off your usual sleep cycle. Though gentle, the needling will encourage your brain to provide more neurotransmitters that are responsible for relaxation and sleep. Most people with insomnia that have tried acupuncture report that their sleep has become more balanced. In case you haven’t slept well for a while, something might be going on in the body that can’t be treated via medication. Consider trying Naples Acupuncture.

  1. You wish to get rid of seasonal allergies without using medication

Allergic patients who have tried acupuncture have reported less runny nose and sneezing. Some of them have even stopped taking antihistamines. Others who don’t respond to shots or medications found relief. Acupuncture will treat allergy symptoms and also prevent them from getting to you. So how is this done? Acupuncture boosts your immune system naturally and treats the meridians around your spleen, large intestine, and thymus. The Lymphatic System is responsible for your immunity which defends the body against external pathogens.  Acupuncture raises your immunity; this is why it is considered Preventative Medicine.


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